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LUXEHOME Hunde Badewanne Umweltfreundliche Haustier Pool Bade für Haustier Schwimmen Pool, Dia 80 X 20cm

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LUXEHOME Hunde Badewanne Umweltfreundliche Haustier Pool Bade für Haustier Schwimmen Pool, Dia 80 X 20cm
The LUXEHOME dog pool will help make the dog days of summer cool and fun for your pet.
This pool is made for dogs. It's built to last.
Sit back and relax knowing the pool won't tear and leak while you watch him run and jump into and out of the water.
The pool is 8" deep and 31.5" in diameter, so large dogs can get completely saturated and cooled while either sitting, standing or lying down.
Take this pool with you when you're on the go. When the pool is empty and dry, just fold and pack it. It's that simple.
Setting the pool up and taking it down is quick and easy. To set the pool up simply make sure the drain plug is closed and then place a running garden hose inside the pool to the desired depth.
When your canine friend is finished playing, or when the water becomes dirty and the pool water needs to be changed, just release the drain plug and let the water empty out.
Note If you do use the pool on a hard surface, it's best to place a durable bottom material, such as a tarp, beneath it for added protection.
  • Easy to fill and empy
  • Made of extra-tough PVC for lasting use
  • Measures approximately 31.5x8 inches(Dia X H)
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Give your dog something to enjoy in the summer heat and its large enough for you to hop in as well acting as a mini pool

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